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All Hazards Resilience Assessment

All Hazards Resilience Assessment

Our most comprehensive service combines the UKWIR resilience guidance with our Asset Profiling Methodology to produce a detailed assessment of water quality and water supply resilience at asset, stage and system level. Resilience risks and potential solutions are identified for both critical infrastructure and critical non-infrastructure assets. Our approach is adaptable to suit individual client requirements and includes the following activities:


Top Down Activities:

  • Engaging strategic stakeholders

  • Understanding external influences

  • Analysing current strategic initiatives and organisational context

  • Defining emergency response and recovery capabilities


Bottom Up Activities:

  • Engaging local stakeholders

  • Analysing hazards likelihood and consequence

  • Assessing asset condition and historical data

  • Analysing system connectivity and network performance


This data-driven approach ensures that a consistent, methodical assessment is carried out which can then be benchmarked and compared to corporate objectives and strategic planning. By quantifying resilience risks consistently across the asset inventory, local and strategic interventions can be prioritised, ensuring the best outcome for customers.


Minerva works closely with the client to ensure that the assessment is bespoke, transparent and repeatable. The engagement of numerous stakeholders is key to ensuring the concept of resilience is embedded within the organisation and continually applied in future decision making.