Asset Integrity Profiling

Asset Integrity Profiling

Our asset inspection and testing service provides client organisations with comprehensive support in determining the condition, remaining service life and reliability of their critical assets. Our integrated end-to-end approach has been developed over a ten-year period from within a leading UK water company. As such, we understand the strategic role of asset integrity management and have extensive experience in delivering complex, multi-tool investigations on the most critical assets.


Asset integrity profiling is one of our core services and is based on the following key principles:


  • Asset criticality should be the reason to undertake inspection and testing – not the reason to avoid it

We use our experience to minimise the impact on customer service, asset operation and public convenience through intelligent planning and risk mitigation, ensuring no asset is too critical to manage.


  • The criticality of the asset should also determine the specification of investigation

We undertake quantitative criticality profiling to ensure the most appropriate level of investment for each asset.


  • There is no single tool can provide all the answers for all assets

We have developed our in-house capability and supplier network to account for all asset and system scenarios.


  • “Inconclusive” is not an acceptable outcome

We exploit the most advanced available techniques in asset-specific combinations to provide definitive conclusions on condition, remaining service life and likelihood of failure.


  • Effective asset management requires high-quality empirical data

We drive data integrity and robust data management through every stage of the process, from specification through to planning, delivery, analysis and reporting.