Asset Criticality Profiling

Asset Criticality Profiling

Our criticality profiles support client organisations with the development of risk-based totex investment plans. By building on existing corporate data with advanced desktop analysis and field criticality surveys, we provide clients with structured, analytical and quantitative asset risk profiles. The profiles model consequence of failure in terms of service impact, third-party damage and cost.

Asset risks and opportunities relevant to the organisations strategic objectives are identified in a way which enables the development of evidence-based, integrated and defensible investment plans. These offer a clear line of sight from corporate drivers through to each and every penny invested.


The profiles are designed and developed to be embedded in the client’s own enterprise asset management systems with significant benefits across the business, from strategic planning to operational response.


Criticality profiling is one of Minerva’s Core Services, and includes the following activities:


  • Strategic Systems Definition

  • Network Schematic Builds

  • Service Impact Timelines 

  • Field Criticality Surveys

  • Response & Recovery Modelling

  • Crater and Debris Throw Analysis

  • Third Party Damage Impact Assessment

  • Triple Bottom Line Cost of Failure Modelling