Case Study


Project Summary:

Completed: December 2018

Population Served: 1.2 million

Length of Pipeline Profiled: 950km

Bristol Water

Asset Criticality Profiling - Bristol Water

“Minerva offers solutions that are exciting and innovative in an era where technology and asset management are interlinked and many solutions often require the enduring use of consultants to run the asset decision making. Their approach seeks to develop, train and embed new thinking, working practices and methodologies into organisations, to ensure that companies own, understand and use data to make fully informed decisions.”

Michelle Ashford
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Minerva were commissioned by Bristol Water to undertake a Strategic Review & Scoping Study for the production of an asset management framework for Strategic Infrastructure. The process involves a structured and comprehensive review of a Bristol Water’s current trunk water asset management practices, definition of their strategic objectives, and the provision of an investment plan for achieving those objectives in a way which is effective and economical.

Upon completion of the scoping study, Minerva undertook analysis of Bristol Water’s entire pipeline inventory, totalling approximately 8,500km. This network analysis stage determined the strategic extents of individual water supply systems within the Bristol Water area, allowing the criticality to be assessed. A strategic network of 950km was identified and subsequently split into criticality cohorts using Minerva's criticality profiling methodology.

This detailed desktop stage used an extensive range of corporate and 3rd party datasets, and analysed each cohorts position within an impact timeline during catastrophic mains failure events. Based on the attributes identified, each asset was then scored using our consequence model, assigned a repair time, and categorised to align with Bristol Water’s risk appetite. The scoring was validated and refined at a sample set of these sites using Minerva's comprehensive mobile field survey form.


8,500 km




1.2 M


950 km

Strategic Network


Risk Cohorts


Functional Lengths

22 km

Wayleave Management

  • Account for all aspects of trunk main performance and risk

  • Demonstrate a strategic approach aligning investment with long term corporate objectives

  • Provide a clear and comprehensive framework for operation and maintenance of critical infrastructure

  • Utilise quantitative, empirical data to inform decision making

  • Fully transparent, auditable and defensible

  • Make best use of and integrate with existing corporate data and systems.


The process, model and outputs have been well received by OfWat during Bristol Water's ongoing PR19 business assessment and the methodology has provided considerable evidence of support in planning and investment. The final output provided a number of deliverables and benefits: 

Strategic Planning

  • Bristol Water's PR19 Business Plan for Strategic Infrastructure

  • Corporate Risk Framework for Strategic Infrastructure

  • Strategic Documentation Maintenance Plan

Network Intelligence

  • 3rd Party Structures Proximity Risk Register

  • 3rd Party Prime Infrastructure Proximity Register

  • Identification of Environmental & Cultural Sites

  • Detailed Network Schematics

  • Resilience Assessment & Strategic System Connectivity

Consequence Analysis

  • Dynamic Service Impact Timelines

  • Quantitative Repair Time Profiles

  • Triple Bottom Line Cost of Failure Model

  • Detailed Consequence Cohort Register

  • Wayleave Maintenance Investment Needs