Engineering & Delivery Support

Engineering & Delivery Support

Our Engineering & Delivery Support services provide clients with a broad range of business consultancy and support.  Whether delivering as a stand-alone contract or providing supporting resource via secondment to client organisations, consultants or contractors, our team of experienced professionals bring commitment and value to all that they do.


Management Consultancy


Minerva adopts industry best practice principles in the delivery of projects, programmes and organisational change. Our consultants value stakeholder engagement, efficiency and transparency in all aspects of their work and have a proven track record of managing and delivering successful results.


  • Project Management

  • Programme Management

  • Change Management

Network Analysis & Management


Rich in industry-relevant experience, our team of experienced professionals offer a wide range of water network services.

  • Hydraulic Principles

  • Network Components

  • Water Distribution System Optimisation

  • DMA Establishment

  • Pressure Management

  • Pressure Profiling

  • Risk-Based Leakage Management

Hydraulic Modelling


Minerva are highly experienced in modelling of distribution and trunk networks, including Strategic Models, All Mains Models and Water Impact Assessments. Our team are able to offer independent audits at any stage of the modelling process to ensure appropriate methodologies have been followed to achieve the highest standard of output.


  • Feasibility Assessment 

  • Strategic Models

  • All Mains Models

  • Water Impact Assessments 

  • Technical Auditing

GIS & Spatial Analysis

Minerva can provide a wide range of GIS and spatial analysis techniques to address location-based problems or to provide expert opinion and advice on specific issues. We can apply these techniques to a wide variety of sectors and industries, using existing corporate datasets, or through acquisition and creation of new data. 


  • Spatial Analysis

  • Terrain Modelling

  • Supervised & Unsupervised Classification

  • Map Production

  • Model Builds

  • Data Conversion