Intelligent Invetsment Planning

Intelligent Investment Planning

Traditional investment plans have been developed in silos of Capex, Opex and enhancement, and are often based on inaccurate or incomplete data, engineering judgement or anecdote. The result is a disjointed investment plan which is not only difficult to justify to key stakeholders but can also result in an expensive and ineffective outcome. By utilising the datasets generated by our methodology, Minerva is able to build a structured, analytical and integrated Totex investment plan. The plan provides the optimum mix of Totex investments effective in aligning asset risk and performance with customer and stakeholder requirements. By providing a clear line of sight from strategic objective through to each and every investment choice, the plan is capable of withstanding robust scrutiny from internal and external parties.

  • Intervention Optioneering, Development & Costing

  • Benefits Realisation

  • Investment Scenario Modelling

  • Long-term Totex investment Planning