Risk-based Investment Optimisation

Risk-based Investment Optmisation

With the level of service expected by customers ever increasing, their tolerance of failure ever reducing, and levels of funding perpetually constrained, businesses are under more pressure than ever before to optimise asset investment. To meet this challenge, Minerva has developed a detailed asset criticality and integrity profiling methodology to support clients in ensuring they achieve maximum value from asset investments.


Our data-driven asset profiles provide stakeholders with the level of holistic asset intelligence necessary to develop an optimised programme of targeted, risk-based totex investment. The output of this service is a 25-year asset management plan which includes medium to long-term capital, operational and enhancement interventions as well as near-term risk management opportunities.


Our packaged services for risk-based investment optimisation range from project level single system assessment to strategic level asset class assessment with full integration into corporate systems. This service is available for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure assets.