The Challenge


A utility companies’ ability to provide its customers with the level of service they desire is ultimately dependent on how it manages the performance and reliability of its assets. With the level of service expected by customers ever increasing, their tolerance of failure ever reducing, and levels of funding perpetually constrained, organisations are under more pressure than ever before to optimise investment. As a result, producing effective and defensible investment plans is becoming increasingly fundamental to their overall success. To meet this challenge, Minerva has developed a suite of services to support clients in ensuring they achieve maximum value from asset investment.

Our Approach


The core services offered by Minerva are based on the concept of “Asset Profiling”. Asset Profiling is the integrated analysis of all aspects of asset criticality, performance and risk, which enables effective, targeted and efficient investment decisions to be made across sub-asset, asset, inventory and business portfolios.  Our structured, analytical and quantitative approach has enabled our clients to manage asset risk more effectively through optimisation of totex investment.

Products & Services

Products & Services

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